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Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and Finance (AAMJAF)


Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and Finance (AAMJAF)

The Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and Finance (AAMJAF) is a peer reviewed journal published twice a year (May and October) by the Asian Academy of Management (AAM) and Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia. It is a specialized journal focusing on research in Accounting and Finance. The editorial committee of AAMJAF is committed towards ensuring publication of articles that meet high quality standards through its blind review process. AAMJAF is carried in the databases of Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI), SCOPUS, RePEc (Research Papers in Economics), Asean Citation Index (ACI), EBSCOHOST, and is included under the Australian Excellence in Research (ERA) Ranked Journal List.

ISSN: 1823-4992
eISSN: 2180-4192


To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and dissemination of empirical findings and analytical research in the specialized areas of accounting and finance with special emphasis on scholarly works with policy implications for countries in the Asia Pacific. The following are some of the topical subject areas relevant to the journal (but are not limited to):


   • Financial reporting and accounting standards
   • Auditing issues
   • Value based accounting and its relevance
   • Theory of accounting firm
   • Environmental auditing
   • Corporate governance issues
   • Public sector accounting


   • Valuation of financial assets
   • International capital flows
   • Ownership and agency theory
   • Stock market behavior
   • Investment and portfolio management
   • Islamic banking and finance
   • Microstructures of financial markets

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